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Walk details   
This walk features one of the listening posts from ArtHouse Jersey's Roaming Soundtrack.

Walk Distance: 8.3km

Walk Gain (ups and downs): 87.1m

Recommend Start/Finish Point: Devils Hole Eastern Car Park.

Listening Post:  La Route du Nord (Horse Box Cafe car park.)

Other Places of Interest: Mourier Valley, Sorel Point, Les Fontaines Tavern, St John's Parish Church.


Walk Route

Devil's Hole Eastern Carpark > Les Mouriers > Le Mourier Valley Reservoir > Sorel Point > La Route du Nord > Les Fontaines Tavern > La Route du Nord Listening Post > La Rue de la Ville Guyon> La Rue de l'Église> Rue de l'Etocquet > Le Canibut > Mourier Valley > Devil's Hole.

Leave the carpark, turn left and head for the large bolder. Here you turn right, through the gate and out onto the headland. Try and keep to the lower footpath and you will eventually reach the cliff edge and a sign post marked "cliff path".  The path will then swing round to the right and begin to head down into the Mourier Valley reservoir which appears in front of you. The route continues then leads steeply upwards through some trees and up back onto the headland. Press on and Sorel Point (often with leaping motorcross bikes) with come into view. Feel free to wander up to the lighthouse but this is somewhat "off-piste" as we are heading right along the road and joining La Rue du Nord. This wide road winds it way past Ronez,  Les Fontaines Tavern and the large car park on the left. Keep going around the series of bends and you are then given the choice of keeping to the roadside trail or a short stretch through  some woodland. If you choose the former you will eventually reach the millennium cross, surrounded by a few benches. Looking for a turning left here and you will arrive in a small car park and if you are lucky the cafe will be open.

This car park is the location of a Roaming Soundtrack Listening Post, you may have to hunt for it as it often hidden by cars; it is near a bench looking out to sea. To listen to the music, scan the QR code using your phone or visit When you are ready, leave the carpark and head left, the road will start heading up hill bear right in front of a house onto La Rue de la Ville Guyon. The way now heads south and you will see St John's Parish church in the distance, indeed the next road your join is La Rue de l'Église which that goes behind the for-mentioned building and crosses over the link main road of La Rue du Nord.  Head along Rue de l'Etocquet for about 800 metres and hang a left onto Le Canibut. This very picturesque lane ends at a T-junction where you need to left head left and you should spot a large farmhouse called La Barcelone, the road then begins to descend into the fabulous Mourier Valley. At the bottom of the hill you are looking for Le Chemin des Hougues on the right and you will begin a short trek past series of houses on the right. Eventually the road begins to lead upwards but you need to take another right opposite the rather grand lamp post into the woods. As you continue along the gravel track, the river and reservoir will appear on your right and as you reach the end of the trail the route will spilt .You need to take the left route back along your original route back along the coastal path. A final uphill pull await you here but thankfully it isnt very long and you will soon arrive back on the headland. Finish the walk by retracing your steps along the path and back to the car park.