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Dystans marszu: 19,4 km

Wzmocnienie podczas chodzenia (wzloty i upadki): 222 m

Poleć punkt startu / mety: L'Etacq Fisheries

Klejnot koronny: Les Landes de L'Est

Inne interesujące miejsca: Le Pinacle, Battery Moltke, zamek Grosnez , Plémont, Grève de Lecq , zbiornik Val De La Mare


Część pierwsza: korytarz północno-zachodni.
L'Etacq - Les Landes de L'Est - Plémont - Greve De Lecq

Begin this walk by leaving the car park in front of the apartments and cross over the tarmac bridged stream. After about 50 metres or so you will see a trackway leading into the woods. Take this and you will see a wider path in front of you, this forms part of  a Perquage path leading down to the sea. We are in fact heading the opposite direction by turning left; following the route until it becomes a paved road and collection of shops appear in front of you. Turn left again, going by the granite Sandybrook sign. Cross over the road and keep going past a row of houses on your right. 


Begin to head uphill on Le Mont des Grupieaux but as the road begins to veer right you need to look left for a sign on the side of a house  marking the start of the narrow step climb, locally named "Crack Ankle Lane" or to use it's proper name, Ruette a la Vioge. This is a hidden gem of a trail heading up hill and as the name suggests, you may need to take care as you press on up here. The route ends by a gateway and you will see an Arthouse Jersey Roaming Soundtrack listening post. Please take time to scan the QR code or visit https://roamingsoundtrack.com/kate-stables-crack-ankle.html  and listen to the musical project of Kate Stables.

Leaving the listening post behind you, keep strolling along Les Grupieaux past the entrance to Wheatlands Golf Club and you will join La Rue de La Fontaine .This part of the walk rewards you with stunning vistas across St Peter towards the Roman Catholic Church of St Matthieu on the skyline. Depending on the time of year the banks surrounding the road can be covered with wildflowers. After about 3/4 of a km you will reach a crossroads, with the white gateway of Oak Walk in front of you. Take care crossing the busy thoroughfare of La Mont Fallu and head into La Route de la Hague. This single tracked road passes right under the flight path and you will be able to see the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) to your left. If you get lucky you may get a close encounter with an low flying aircraft as it arrives or leaves the nearby airport, potentially an exciting place to be during the air display.


Press  on for a short distance until you reach a small crossroads with a workshop on the corner. Here you need to turn right and begin the winding descent down Les Mont des Louannes. The route goes round a series of bends and past a few large houses, continuing along you will begin to see St Peter's Valley  down to your right. Eventually you will reach the bottom of the hill and join the tarmac cycleway which runs through the valley. Head right here and keep going until you reach a carpark with a duck pond, again on your right. There are now two pathways in front of you which you can choose either as they both head in the same general direction. Personally I prefer the upper path which you need to ascend some steps to reach. Be careful as you head along here as it is a popular route for mountain bikers who may not see you straight away as they head on through the trails criss-crossing the hillside. The path meanders though the woods for about 500 metres or so eventually arriving at Le Moulin de Quétivel. This prime landmark  is a working watermill and it's history can be traced to 1309; the current building dates from the 18th century. 


Run the gauntlet of Le Mont Fallu again by crossing over towards the Midvale Apartments. Head on through the car park and look for an opening in the trees. Another commonly used cycle trackway awaits as it snakes it's way through the valley and concludes at another watermill, Le Moulin de Tesson.   Rejoin the road and turn right, passing by the flats of Sandybrook Court. You will now be back at the road junction in front of the Sandybrook stone. Pass to the left of this and return to the Perquage path, which will lead you back to the car park and journey's end.